King Charles Loving Gesture For Kate Ahead Of The Coronation

King Charles Loving Gesture For Kate Ahead Of The Coronation

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King Charles is determined to make sure the Princess of Wales feels right at home throughout the Coronation.

And to make sure she has the support she needs on the historic day, the Monarch has made a kind gesture on her behalf – inviting her family to the celebrations.

Not only are Kate’s beloved parents Carole and Michael on the invite list this weekend, but the King has also invited her sister Pippa and brother James.

Kate and Charles are said to have a very special bond, which has only grown since he described her as his “darling daughter-in-law” following the royal wedding in 2011.

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales

The relationship extends to those closest to her, especially the fellow grandparents of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

He also noted how Pippa ‘made such an impact’ at the wedding of her sister to Prince William 13 years ago that it was important she felt a part of the celebrations again.

“They are the family of our future queen, so it’s right that they should be there,” added source to the Daily Mail.

It certainly won’t be the first time that the Middletons have attended a significant royal event.

Carole and Michael enjoyed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party last June, before paying their respects at the funeral and committal service in September.

In 2011, proud dad Charles was overcome watching his eldest son tie the knot and gave a tear-jerking off-the-cuff speech about the couple during a champagne reception at Buckingham Palace.

He is said to have described Kate as like the daughter he never had and said: “We are lucky to have her.”

Since the lavish ceremony, their bond has only strengthened.

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“Kate and Charles do seem to have a rather special relationship that shows up visibly in public as the pair seem to single each other out for attention and empathetic signalling,” behavioural expert Judi James told

“Their body language together suggests they are tuned in to each other, using flattery and mirroring signals to show some like-minded thinking or appreciation of a joke.

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“Charles always looks rather entranced by his daughter-in-law, who has really cracked the code when it comes to dealing with the notoriously difficult Windsor men.

“She was equally close to Harry before the split, and her blend of flattery combined with a degree of firmness, backed up by her competitive traits and a desire to keep the royal Firm on its tracks, seems like an ideal blend to win Charles’ approval.”


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