Funny Moment A Babe Snatches Kate's Handbag

VIDEO: Funny Moment A Baby Snatches Kate’s Handbag

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Princess Kate had an adorable interaction with a one-year-old baby who playfully stole her designer handbag during her visit to Wales.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Aberfan in South Wales on Friday 28 April, where they took a stroll through the Aberfan Memorial Garden and paid their respects to those who died in the 1966 Aberfan disaster.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Aberfan

While greeting royal fans at the memorial, Kate Middleton was stopped by one particular well-wisher who took a liking to her black handbag. The princess was speaking to Lucy Williams, who was holding her one-year-old son Daniel, when the baby became fascinated by her black Mulberry handbag, which originally retailed for £675 (around $845).

In a surprising moment, the princess handed over the purse to the baby boy but let him know that she’ll come back for it, and continued greeting the public. “He can have it to play with, I’ll come back for it!” the mother recalled Kate saying, per ITV.

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The now-viral video showed baby Daniel attempting to put the purse’s handle in his mouth, as his mother reacted in shock. “Don’t eat it!” she said. Meanwhile, Kate laughed along with the crowd before Lucy returned the black bag to the princess.

Speaking to ITV, Lucy said it was nice to see how the mother of three reacted in humour. “I am just speechless,” she said. “It’s typical him though. He’s a bit of a hurricane, I wouldn’t expect anything less!”

Lucy added, “I think she sympathised with how hard it is with children.”

The Princess of Wales’s sweet interaction with the one-year-old boy was praised by fans on Twitter, who applauded the royal for taking the baby’s stealthy handbag-stealing skills “in her stride”.

“She’s so lovely and kind,” said someone else.

“I love the way she doesn’t mind at all,” another tweeted.

One user wrote: “I don’t blame him, it’s a fab bag.”

The black croc bag from Mulberry’s Amberley collection features a flap-over front with black ring hardware and a crossbody strap. Princess Kate has made several public appearances with her small black croc bag from Mulberry’s Amberley collection. The black crossbody, which is no longer available, made its royal debut during the princess’ visit to Trinity Buoy Wharf in East London in February 2022. She went on to parade the bag a total of six times, most recently at the St David’s Day Parade in March 2023.

Along with the pricey bag, Kate Middleton visited Aberfan wearing a houndstooth-print dress and black Catherine Walker coat, along with the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Welsh Guards Leek Brooch.

The Princess of Wales has shared a number of adorable interactions with children over the years, apart from her own three children that she shares with her husband, Prince William. Last August, a journalist shared his son’s heartwarming conversation with Princess Kate after bumping into her on a train to the Commonwealth Games.

The Times writer Matthew Syed was travelling to the games in Birmingham with his eight-year-old son Ted. When he went to use the bathroom on the train, his son waited outside the vestibule for him and got to talking with a woman. Syed described hearing the unnamed woman and his son having a “whale of a time” and laughing together. When he exited the bathroom, he turned to the woman to thank her for keeping his son company, but “stopped in his tracks” when he realised it was Kate Middleton.


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