Queen Camilla Receives Note Wth Adorable Princess Charlotte Request

Queen Camilla Receives Note Wth Adorable Princess Charlotte Request

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Queen Consort Camilla received a note from an adorable young girl for Princess Charlotte, while stepping out in London on Thursday.

Her Majesty visited the STORM family centre, a charity set up to help victims of domestic violence, to mark its 19th birthday.

During her time at the centre, Camilla met with the centre’s Patron Sabrina Elba and supporter Kanya King CBE, as well as domestic violence survivors.

But one little girl saw her visit as an opportunity to secure a playdate with Camilla’s granddaughter.

Camilla paid a royal visit to the STORM family centre to celebrate its 19th birthday and spend time with the charity’s supporters.

During her visit, the Queen Consort had the chance to get stuck in with the activities on offer, including art therapy.

She also spent time with some survivors during a domestic violence discussion over a cup of tea.

But one eight-year-old girl built up the courage to meet the Queen Consort and hand her note with an adorable request.

The little girl passed a note to the royal to give to Princess Charlotte, requesting a playdate.

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Speaking with Hello! magazine, the young girl said: “She said she would give my note to Charlotte. I’m hoping she’ll agree, you never know… I think I’ll go to her house.”

Her father also revealed what the adorable note said.

He shared: “The note read, ‘Dear Princess Charlotte, My Name is Charlotte-Rose and I’m eight.’ It said her primary school and where we lived. And said did she fancy a play date. It ended with, ‘Here’s my phone number, hopefully you will, love Charlie-Rose’.”

He continued: “She asked me about it a few weeks ago and I said what did she have to lose? She was almost too scared to do it this morning. But then got the courage to do it. She was quite nervous though.”

The young girl’s dad also claimed that Camilla promised to pass the note on to her granddaughter.


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