Prince William And Kate Welcome A New Pet Into Their Family

Prince William And Kate Welcome A New Pet Into Their Family

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Prince William and Kate have always enjoyed having family pets—from dogs Lupo and Orla, to chickens they acquired during the COVID lockdown, to a hamster called Marvin that Kate spoke about in 2016. And today, William has shared that the family now keeps guinea pigs—but that he is often left cleaning them out.

During a visit to Woodgate Valley Urban Farm near Birmingham, which is dedicated to supporting those experiences mental health challenges, the Prince was given guinea pig to stroke.

In a video posted on social media by the Daily Telegraph’s Deputy Royal Editor Victoria Ward, the Prince is seen saying, “These guinea pigs are very well-loved. They look extremely cosy.”

In her article about the visit, Ward wrote that the Prince said the family have guinea pigs at home who often run off. He added that he spends his life cleaning out the guinea pig cage “because the children forget to do it.”

The Wales children have been pictured with their pet dogs in official photographs. Prince George posed holding an ice cream out to his dog Lupo in a picture released for his third birthday in 2016. And Princess Charlotte was photographed hugging cocker spaniel Orla in an image shared for her seventh birthday in 2022. However no other Wales family pets have ever made it into the images released by the family.

Prince William’s solo visit today is one of many he will be making in the next few weeks as Kate is unable to continue with her engagements due to her cancer treatment.

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The Princess shared just over one month ago that cancer was found following her abdominal surgery and that she is having chemotherapy. Reports revealed today that William apologized that Kate couldn’t be there and said she would have loved to have come.

Before visiting the urban farm, William stopped in St Michael’s Church of England High School, which he was invited to visit in a letter from a 12-year-old pupil.

“It all started with a letter,” Kensington Palace posted on X. “Great to see this inspiring mental health project in action. Well done to Freddie and friends for the incredible efforts they are making in nurturing their emotional wellbeing.”


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